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Jeppe Kofod

Will Denmark help to rebuild Ukraine? Zelensky asked me this question in Kyiv. My answer – and Denmark’s answer – is of course: Yes! The first Danish diggers are already on the way. Ukraine can count on Denmark and the Danes.

Ihor Zhovkva

I would like to express words of sincere gratitude to Denmark for the leadership in restoring and rebuilding the territories of Ukraine that suffered destruction as a result of Russia’s aggression. We appreciate that Denmark was one of the first to respond to the initiative of the President of Ukraine on patronage by international partners and will be involved in the restoration of the city of Mykolaiv.

Mette Frederiksen, Socialdemokratiet. Beskæftigelsesminister.

We will take on a very special responsibility in this reconstruction. The time for reconstruction is coming, but we are getting ready now. On the same day I was in Kyiv, we started preparing to send construction machinery from Denmark to

Mette Frederiksen


The consequences of Russian aggression

Project Progress

Number of Buildings
M2 buildings

Project Overview

The project was undertaken by the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) in late February 2022 at the request of the President’s Office and the Ministry of Economy. It’s aim is to Inspect ► Review ► Assess ► Report war damage to public, civilian and business property.

Plan digitization of war damages

  • Plan data acquisition
  • Define standard and data collection requirements
  • Collect pre-war conditions via satellite images

Collect image data of war damages

  • Manage data collection
  • Collaborate with local teams for data acquisition
  • Control image quality

AI detecting and classification of war damages

  • Use Geographic Information System (GIS) and other data sources to enrich the data
  • Use AI and local annotators to identify war damages
  • Workflows for QA and verification of identified damages

War damage reporting


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